Thames Barrier

St Catherines Dock

Tower Bridge

Canary Wharf
Caressa moored in front of Greenwich Hospital

Sunrise over the Thames Estuary Sunrise in the Estuary on our return May 08


River Thames, the London River

Berth: 4 days 3 nights 60 points
Bareboat as per points table

We take the flood to the mouth of London River, pause at anchor or on a mooring and then ride the flood on day two right to the heart of Europe's most exciting city.

The next few hours are a facinating meander along a river which has witnessed all of Englands history. Along this river have sailed colonising Romans, returning Kings, an Empire's trade and the most glamourous cruise liners.
Historic buildings lie cheek by jowl with the most modern. The desolate mud flats of Foulness seem a world away as you pass the Dome and approach the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, shimmering towers of Canary Wharf to starboard and the meridian under your keel.

All too soon we reach Tower Bridge and lock into our destination for Saturday night, St Katharine Docks

The rest of Saturday and most of Sunday is free for exploration, depending on the tide we leave late Sunday afternoon or evening retracing our course to be back in Pin Mill by Monday afternoon

Millenium Dome

Points Costs
Berth 50
Bareboat as per points table

Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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