The average owner uses their yacht only 6 times a year. Taking into consideration all of the costs to a own a yacht; maintanence, repairs, marina berth, slipping, laying up, this adds up to nearly a £1,000 per metre of boat per year! If you own a 10m yacht like Marcita that means £1600 each time you use it. Something we have heard on several occasions is "if I had known this club existed I would have joined rather than bought my yacht" or "a classic yacht? a very deep hole in the water into which to tip your money!"

Simply call us to ask for an application form and return it to the Club at 150 Strand, London, WC2R 1JA, or use the application form on this site.
Send a copy of your RYA licence along with payment (by cheque or credit/debit card or cash) and a reference.
The reference should be very simple: just a few lines to say that you would make a good and responsible Classic Sailing Club member. Ideally it should come from someone who can vouch for you (though not family!) ie. work colleague, legal adviser, accountant etc. In short, someone who can vouch for you in a short letter on headed paper.
The application form has a section for credit/debit cards. Otherwise, you can send a cheque.
Absolutely not. With Classic Sailing Club, what you pay for is what you get.
You only pay for the fuel you use and that is charged on to you at cost. You can if you wish have your boat provisioned by us ready for when you arrive. A small service charge is made for this service but it is very clear on our provisioning list which will be available on the web site in the new year. You can also choose to pick your yacht up from a marina berth, or deliver it back to a marina. Again we make a small charge for this service.
Our yachts our all on swinging moorings except Caressa which is left
on a marina berth. Part of the experience of belonging to the club is the getting to the yachts by tender which are all powered by Seagull engines beautifully restored exclusively for the club.
We will keep a couple of our yachts in the water for bookings even out of season.
You automatically receive a bonus of 50 points and the Club is part of the way towards a new yacht (a ratio of 5-7 Members per yacht is maintained so that as the Membership grows, so does the size of the fleet).

 To contact us: telephone 0870 300 1066 or send an email to