Each yacht has a points value depending on the season and the day of the week. Berths on skippered trips also have a points value. Buying points allows you to charter a boat or join a trip at short notice and also save money the more you sail. For example if you buy 125 points you get 5 weekend trip berths for the price of 4. Click here for weekend trips

Bareboat Charter The table below shows the number of points required to bareboat charter Marcita or Caressa on any particular day.
To calculate the points required for any one day, find the the season and which day of week, this will be the points cost for that day. For charters longer than one day, work out the points for each day and add them together.

Points Chart

Cost of Points
The cost of points varies with the number purchased. This system is designed to give discount to those who sail with us more frequently.

Number of points purchased
Cost per point
1 to 99


Marcita for 3 midweek days in May.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in May each cost 9 points so total required is 27. If you buy 27 points only they will cost £5 each so cost of charter is £135

Caressa for a week, Monday to Sunday, in August
The points for each day are; Monday 40, Tuesday 20, Wednesday 20, Thursday 20, Friday 40, Saturday 80 and Sunday 80, total 300 points. If you buy 300 points they will cost £4 each so the cost of charter will be £1200.

NB For entry level members, there is a minimum fee of £200/40 points per bareboat charter to cover handover and induction.

If you want to take advantage of the discounts you can buy as many points as you like and keep them in the bank untill you need them. You can use the points for any of our charters and trip and you can use them for friends and family too.
NB. Points are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase

You can buy points by clicking here or simply call 0870 3001066 to ask for an application form or download one from this page, then post it with your reference and membership fee to Classic Sailing Club, 4th Floor 1-5 Clerkenwell Rd., London, EC1M 5PA

Qualifications Required to Bareboat Charter
The Charterer must;
be aged over 21
possess a current VHF Licence*
posses the following sailing Licence.Marcita RYA Day Skipper,  Caressa RYA Coastal Skipper*

*If you need either of the above qualifications see training page


To contact us: telephone 0870 300 1066 or send an email to ian@classicsailingclub.com

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