Whitstable Yacht Club

The North Kent Rivers provide many points of interest and contrasting moods. The quiet Swale and the busy Medway. The Medway's industrial entrance gives way to the meandering middle reaches which are steeped in seafaring history.


Medway from the air

Upnor Castle with Endeavour in the Foreground

Rochester on the Medway

Hampshire Maid in Whitton Marina


Swale and Medway,

Berth: 4 days 3 nights 60 points
Bareboat as per points table

At the entrance to the Swale is Whitstable. It has a drying harbour but depending on the tide we could nip in for lunch

Beach houses in Whitstable


Faversham Creek

Kingsferry Bridge gives access to the Isle of Sheppy

Queeborough Hasbour

Chattam Royal Dockyard makes a facinating day. You can see round a nuclear submarine, see how rope is made, and learn how the great wooden warships like HMS Victory were built

Nuclear submarine in Chattam Dockyard

The Ropewalk at Chatham Royal Dockyard

Points Costs
Berth 50
Hampshire Maid or Night Wind 96
Myfanwy or Marcita 144
Caressa : 240


Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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