Pin Mill Hard at Sunset
Sunrise at Pin Mill

Myfanwy in the Orwell off Pin Mill

Container ships load and off load at Felixstowe Docks
The container port at Felixstowe

Lunch outside the But and Oyster


Orwell and Stour

Berth 2 days 1 night 30 points
Bareboat as per points table

A nice, easy safe weekend. There are lots of interesting possibilities as the destination for Saturday night.
We can sail to Ipswich for lunch, locking into the Wet Dock where much regeneration has resulted in lots of new residential and retail development. Depending on time, tide and inclination we can stay there for the night or head back to Pin Mill for supper in the Butt and Oyster. On Sunday we can head downriver and into the Stour.

Whichever way we go we will be sailing in relatively sheltered river waters.
You will see the contrast between the largely undeveloped banks of the Orwell and Stour and the massive container port of Felixtowe. The colossal ships have a beauty and elegance of their own but we are sure you will prefer the host of wildlife including seals that live happily in this most green and pleasant land. Famously Eric Blair chose his pen name from the two most English things he knew ; King George and the River Orwell.

Mistley Quay on the Stour Mistley Quay

Up the Stour there are various spots to anchor. Depending on the tides we may go up to Mistley Quay.


Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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