Shingle Street

Orford Quay and the Sailing Club

The Orford and Butley Oysterage with the Chruch across the town square

The seafront of Aldeburgh

The Alde from the Air. See how 7 miles from the entrance, the river is only separated from the sea by 500 metres
Snape Maltings


River Ore and Alde
Berth 2 days 1 night 30 points
Berth 3 days 2 nights 45 points
Berth 4 days 3 nights 60 points
see particular trip for duration
Bareboat as per points table

This is a fabulous weekend with everything you could want from a sailing trip. A decent coastal passage, interesting and exciting tidal navigation over Orford Haven Bar, a quiet, peaceful river cruise and three great, culturally interesting towns with wonderful restaurants.

For a taster have a look at the blog from our trip in October and the Easter Cruise.

As you near the entrance to the Ore you sail alongside Shingle St. The small collection of cottages is a shadow of the original thriving fishing settlement. The pub was famously destroyed by a Barnes Wallace bouncing bomb test during the War. Once over the Bar and into the river it's only 30 minutes or so until you reach Orford Quay. We'll pick up a mooring and go ashore to explore the village. I'd say it's one of the prettiest in Suffolk, with a beautiful church, a castle and two great reaturants, the Orford and Butley Oysterage and the Crown and Castle Hotel. We'll take a room for lunch on the Saturday in the Oysterage. It's a great way for everone to get to know each other

Prawns and local Oysters from the Orford and Butley Oysterage

Generally we have dinner in the Crown and Castle on the Sunday evening. There's no set itinerary appart from that. For Saturday evening you can find a quiet anchorage or sail to Aldeburgh that evening where fish and chips on the beach is difficult to beat.

The river Alde is a facinating product of the East Coast currents. The aerial photo shows the river at the Aldeburgh Yacht Club, which is seven miles from the river entrance but only 500 meteres from the sea

On the Sunday we can explore higher up the river, if the tide allows, as far as Snape. There may be a concert we can enjoy or else just browse the shops and antique stalls.

Monday we choose the best time to exit the river and then home to Pin Mill


Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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