Hampshire Maid reaching under a decent breeze

Long and deep keeled, she sits firmly and securely in a choppy sea, her true colours and racing pedigree not really apparent until the wind rises beyond 15 knots

In a breeze with the wind on her beam she heals over, her helm neutral, and lieka Jack Russel she is away. When modern boats twice her size are struggling, she is in her element, cutting through the chop with 7 knots on the log .

She goes downwnd too

Cockpit cover gives her an extra saloon

The Maid on the Front Cover of Classic Boat Click to see a video of the photo shoot

There's something very endearing and magical about Hampshire Maid. Wherever she goes, she attracts admiring glances and wonderful complements. She is a pleasure to sail.

Click here to see a video of the Classic Boat photo shoot

Commissioned by a group of members of the Island Sailing Clubfor coastal racing and cruising on the South Coast, the South Coast One Design (SCOD) has become one of the most enduring symbols of classic boating in the UK

Designed by the redoubtable Charles Nicholson of the Camper and Nicholson firm, the yacht became an instant success with numbers quickly rising to over one hundred from the first keel being laid in 1995. Hampshire Maid built in 1957 is number 44. That over 90% of all SCODs built are still in existance is testament to their quality.

The Maid was built on the Isle of Wight by Woodnutts. To our knowledge, she has spent most of her life cruising and racing the waters along the South Coast.

Interior Sallon to Starboard

Below the Maid is charm itself. A mahogany interior with navigation area, galley and saloon with two bunks which cleverly provide for either two or a single and double berth.

With her saloon table in place, she provides an excellent and cosy space for supper. With her cockpit tent in place she has extra space on a windy night. The fo'c' sle provides plenty of space for heads and storage.

Full Cock pit cover in place

In her first year with the Club Hampshire Maid has featured as both a cover model and a Film Star.

Scenes from the Shooting. Click to see a short video of a scene being shot
Click here to see a video from the film crew in Hoo Marina (don't get too excited its very short)


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