Lobster Pots outside the fish sellers sheds at Felixstowe Ferry

The Ferry at Felixstowe Ferry

The beach in front of the Maybush at Waldringfield

Woodbridge harbour with the Tide Mill in the background


River Deben

Berth 2 days 1 night 30 points
Bareboat as per points table

The Deben is a beautiful river. Narrower and twistier than the Orwell. The mouth of the Deben is 3-4 hours from Pin Mill and it must be approached at the correct state of the tide. In on the flood, out on the ebb but make sure you have enough water to get over the bar. See /www.eastcoastrivers.com
Once in the river. There are several stopping points. Felixstowe Ferry is great to buy the freshest fish and seafood off the stalls. There's also some good mooching and nosing to be done in the boat yard.

Next is the Ramsholt Arms. We need the dinghy's to get ashore but it's a lovely quiet spot for lunch and a pint.

The Ramsholt Arms on the remote North bank  of the Deben

Then after a few meandering bends which make good anchorages you have Waldringfield. There's a boat yard and the Maybush, run by the same group as the Butt and Oyster.
To get up to Woodbridge we have to be clever with the tides but they have a marina with a shelf so once in you are safe when the water leaves. Woodbridge is a very pretty town with several good restaurants and a cinema right next to the Tide Mill.

Points Costs
Berth 30
Hampshire Maid or Night Wind 48
Myfanwy or Marcita 72
Caressa : 120


Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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