A racing fleet head off downwind on the Crouch

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club Burnham on Crouch

Seals basking on Foulness Sands at the mouth of the Crouch

The ship Inn on the riverfront,  Burnham on Crouch

Brandy hole at the head of the Crouch


Crouch and Roach,
Berth: 3 days 2 nights 45 points
Bareboat as per points table

The Crouch is the home of yacht racing on the East Coast. It boasts no less than two 'Royal' yacht clubs and is also home to two reknowned wooden yacht builders R J Prior and Wm King and Sons.

A racing fleet on the Crouch

The entrance is not so promising. It flows between two large expanses of drying mud and sand, Buxey and Foulness which create fascinating effects as they flood. They also provide ideal habitat for seals which can be seen basking on the mud flats as you sail by.

The rather desolate, flat banks of the lower reaches begin to soften as you near Burnham on Crouch. Higher up they turn into soft rolling farmland and wildlife-rich marshland and saltings .

The Roach is so unspoilt and remote you have to go there to see what it's like. It's a mystery to us too, we haven't been there either

Maurice Griffiths can give you an idea if you read Chapter XI of 'Magic of the Swatchways'


Members share all expenses including, diesel, marina fees, food, etc.

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